Goodnight, Moon

After a week of rain, Brisbane was blessed with one beautiful clear night, and a full moon. As usual, I ran out and took a million photos. This time, I took pictures with different exposures, then put them all together, overlapping each other, in a mimic-HDR on this website.

Depois de uma semana chuvosa, aproveitei uma noite super bonita, com lua cheia, para tirar milhares de fotos, com diferentes exposições. As fotos são sobrepostas em um estilo HDR – eu fiz a edição neste site aqui.

‘We’re burning with the stars, we shine so bright like Jupiter and Mars, we own the night’

Sorry I’ve been slack with posts lately, but I’ve been hiding under a pile of books for the past few weeks, preparing for upcoming exams and assignments. But don’t think I forgot about the blog – I have a lot of exciting ideas up my sleeve. Get excited

Me desculpem se eu nao tenho postado muito ultimamente, mas eu estou super ocupado com meus trabalhos do colégio. Mas fiquem ligados, porque logo, logo irei postar coisas bem interessantes. Aguardem

– Daniel

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