Damai, damai, damai…

The one word that could possibly describe the most calm, peaceful and serene place I have ever seen in my life, Ubud.

Ubud, located in the mountains of Bali, is in complete contrast to the rest of the island, and just serves to prove that there is far more to Bali, and Indonesia, than beaches. Although it is only a two-hour drive, Ubud seems like a whole world away from the hustle-and-bustle of Denpasar.

The highlight of Ubud would have to be the incredible temples, so full of culture and history, it was absolutely fascinating to visit them. The three that I did get to visit, were Gunung Kawi, Taman Saraswati and Tirta Empul and each had its own personality, and different features that brought character to them.


Damai, damai, damai

A única palavra que poderia descrever o lugar mais calmo, pacífico e sereno que eu já vi, Ubud.

Ubud, nas montanhas de Bali, é o oposto do resto da ilha, e prova que Bali é muito mais do que só praia. Apesar de ser apenas duas horas de Denpasar, Ubud parece outro planeta.

Os templos são a maior atração de Ubud, tão cheios de cultura e história, foi fascinante conhecer esses lugares. Os três templos que eu consegui visitar, foram o Gunung Kawi, Taman Saraswati, e Tirta Empul, e cada um tinha suas próprias características.

IMG_1114Entrance to Ubud Palace

Entrada do Palácio de Ubud

IMG_1133Taman Saraswati Temple

Templo Taman Saraswati



 Ubud rice fields and terraces

Arrozais de Ubud

IMGP1602Gunung Kawi Temple

Templo Gunung Kawi

IMGP1628Wherever you go in Bali, people always leave offerings to their Hindu gods. They always place them outside their home or workplace, whether it be outside a crafts store, or on the dashboard of a taxi.

Para onde você for em Bali, as pessoas sempre deixam oferendas para seus deuses hindus. Eles sempre colocam as oferendas do lado de fora de suas casas, ou locais de trabalho, seja do lado de fora de uma loja de artesenatos, ou no painel de um táxi.

IMGP1656Strolling by the Petanu River

Caminhada as margens do rio PetanuIMG_1196IMG_1222IMG_1226Tirta Empul Temple

Templo Tirta Empul

– Daniel

4 thoughts on “Damai

    1. Thank you! Oh, it most definitely was! People call it the hidden gem of Bali, as it is not as well known as other places in the island.

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