What’s so good about being a TCK?

What’s so good about being a third culture kid?

It seems pretty bad to me…

People have said that to me so many times…

People say that it seems like torture having to be constantly moving schools and homes, and that they would hate having to ‘suffer’ all of this.

Honestly, they don’t know what they’re missing.

Being a third culture kid is a wonderful experience that lets you meet people from totally different cultures and backgrounds. It lets you break cultural boundries and become a citizen of the world. It lets you see what a small world it is after all.

Sure, it’s hard having to live far away from all your friends, but with all the social networks and technology we have, it really doesn’t feel like you’re very far.

I love my life as a TCK, I wouldn’t give it away for the world.

One thought on “What’s so good about being a TCK?

  1. Daniel gostei muito do que vc escreveu, mas uma coisa que eu acho que tambem pode ser dita em funcao do que vc escreveu e que isso tambem da mais maturidade as criancas, como no teu caso, como mostra o que vc escreveu. Te desejo um futuro brilhante, parabens por desde cedo tentar alcancar teus objetivos. Bjs

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